About Sponsorship

It is our goal for every child to have 4 sponsors. The reason for this is simple. Each sponsorship goes towards the cost of the orphan’s room and board, transportation, clothing, books and uniforms. It also helps with the cost for dorm mothers, security, drivers and cooks. Even at full sponsorship, the costs associated with running an orphanage of 71 kids and a school for nearly 400 students, is more than we are bringing in per month.

Nearly every penny that comes into Tomorrow Come Foundation goes to the children and their care. We employ only one part-time Administrator at the Foundation, and the rest of the team are volunteers.

Please go to Support Our Work and click on Sponsor A Child. There you will see photos of the children from New Hope Orphanage for Children and Handicapped, and you can select a child to sponsor. Thank you for all you do!