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Please contact Tomorrow Come Foundation at, or call Katie at 406-850-3138 to volunteer your time, your energy and your talents!

The Tomorrow Come Foundation board members are all volunteers.  We are all giving back for the many blessings we have received.

In the Spring of 2016, we celebrated the addition of a part-time Administrator who is our only paid employee, and who will oversee things as we grow.  

Our office was graciously donated by Terry Tronson of Tronson Insurance Agency.  And we are extremely grateful to Dan Elser and Faith Chapel for the computer.  

The remainder of the donations Tomorrow Come receives are used directly for the education, safety and future of these vulnerable children.

Join Our Team

The Tomorrow Come Foundation’s main goal is to improve the future of the African continent by investing in their children through education. This will ensure permanent and lasting change in the African community. If you are interested in helping the organization, please contact Jim and Pam Huskey at or Arturo Echeverri at

Interested in becoming an Ambassador?

Whatever gift you were given and whatever way you wish to use it, we welcome it. It can go a long way. Learn more about how other ambassadors have helped. Please contact us.